Loneliness in a world where billions jostle for living space seems strange, does it not? Yet many–though surrounded by people on all sides–feel utterly isolated and alone.
Most of us have learned that loneliness isn’t cured by living in a crowd of strangers. It only goes away when we have people around who care about us–people with whom we can share our lives. In fact, loneliness disappears if we can find even one such person who truly cares. Just one.
Millions have discovered that one person to be none other than Jesus Christ. In a growing friendship with Him, their loneliness vanishes. But in this relationship they also find a new security–a new assurance unknown before. An assurance that they are accepted unconditionally. An assurance of their personal salvation. An assurance that they are of infinite value. And yes, an assurance that they will never be lonely again.