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New Discover Bible Guide Lesson 01


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This is your opportunity to discover answers to hundreds of questions that affect your life and happiness–absolutely FREE–in the 26 DISCOVER Bible Guides.

By requesting this lesson, you’ll be automatically signed up with our Bible School.  You will soon receive this first lesson in the mail.  Simply read through it, fill in the answer sheet, then return the answer sheet to our address; Box 2010, Oshawa ON L1H7V4.  All you will pay for is return postage.  When we receive it, we will mail you additional guides for your continued study.  When you have finished all 26 successfully, you will receive a diploma certificate in celebration of your accomplishment.

Have you taken this series already but want to continue your Bible exploration?  Try our Focus on Prophecy lessons.

39 in stock

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Discover Bible Study Guide #1 – We Can Believe in God

This is where it all begins! This first Discover Bible Study Guide answers questions such as “Is there a God?”

Topics include:

• Everything Designed Has a Designer
• Everything Made Has a Maker
• God Comes Into Personal Relationships With People
• What Kind of God Is He?
• How Jesus Reveals What God Is Like

This single full-color lesson is recommended for churches and individuals leading out in small group, church group, or correspondence schools who need specific numbers of each lesson. If you’re an individual wishing to take the full course, you’ll probably want to purchase the full 26-lesson set!

Discover Bible Guide
1 True or False Answer Sheet

5.25″ x 8″
16 pages

This is the first lesson of 26 lessons in the series.

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