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Search For Certainty Set 1-30


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This is your opportunity to search for certainty from the only source that can offer it, the Bible.  You’ll get answers to hundreds of questions that affect your life and happiness–absolutely FREE–in the 30 Search for Certainty Bible Guides.

By requesting this set, you’ll be automatically signed up with our Bible School.  You will soon receive this set in the mail.  Simply read through the first, and fill in the answers in the blanks as you go.  Then return the lesson to our address; Box 2010, Oshawa ON L1H7V4 for checking and suggestions.  All you will pay for is return postage.  When we receive it, we will check it, keep track of your progress, pray for you, and encourage you along the way.

14 in stock


This series, written by international evangelist, Mark Finley, is a popular Bible study set that has helped thousands of people enhance their walk with God.  You too will be blessed and your faith strengthened as you study each lesson’s topic.   Each topic is covered in a short 8 page pamphlet that is designed to be interactively read and then the question and answer sections may be filled in directly on the lesson itself.  Accomplished best with the aid of an instructor or Bible School mentoring program, this attractive full-colour series covers many doctrines and principles found in the Bible.  You’ll study what the Bible says about, prophecy, God’s character and love, why there is violence on Earth, money, forgiveness, health, the time of the end, and more.  The topics are practical and the best part is, all the answers will come from the Bible.

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