Jesus, the central focus of scripture and history, is also the central focus of Adventist doctrine and experience.  In this dynamic book, the basic beliefs shared by Seventh-day Adventists are at your fingertips, ready to be explored, appraised, and substantiated.

This single volume shows in detail how each belief is grounded in the Bible and focused on Jesus Christ.  The different beliefs, or doctrines, emphasize different facets of Christ’s lovely character.  Each one reveals more of what He is like and what a relationship with Him means.

Adventist church members can use this book to dig down to the roots of their faith–to rediscover the details of truth that excited them when they first found the joy of salvation.

Students of any background will discover enriching insights into a fulfilling relationship with God for their individual lives.

If you worship in another church, anticipate some fresh perspectives as you read.