Someday the entire world will face God’s judgment day. There will be no more tomorrows in which to make changes in our lives. Our characters will be set—our eternal destiny determined. In Discover lesson 13, you’ll see what God’s Word says about that great day of judgment.

Topics include:

• There Is a Judgment Day
• You Can Face the Judgment Unafraid
• Christ Came on Time
• The Assurance of Sins Forgiven
• The Time for the Judgment to Begin
• The Heavenly Sanctuary Cleansed—A Judgment
• Facing Your Life Record in the Judgment

This single full-color lesson is recommended for churches and individuals leading out in small group, church group, or correspondence schools who need specific numbers of each lesson. If you’re an individual wishing to take the full course, you’ll probably want to purchase the full 26-lesson set!

Discover Bible Guide
1 True or False Answer Sheet

5.25″ x 8″
16 pages

This is the 13th lesson of 26 lessons in the series and it specifically deals with the discovering our personal Saviour.